Woe to Me...

All my life I've been told I am creative.
I could put anything together and make it just so.
I am a perfectionist ... of sorts.
Up until like six (6) months ago I have not done ANYTHING creative.
Slowly but surely I have opened up my mind to all the possiblities.
I've taken back up cooking, baking, journaling and designing my website.
Which is JUKIE-FIED.COM (yeah I plugged myself *laughs*)
Recently I have taken up scrapbooking, beading and cake decortating...
About cake decorating, I used to do it back in high school & I have found the passion again.
Hopefully I can find my way back to pastry school...
Or I succumb to self torture and get my AA to become a paralegal.
I think my creative soul was crushed by the corparate world.
Oh woe to me. *laughs*

I pray that my creativity well does not dry up and I become unable to produce something pretty again.

So far I am very optimistic. Very unusually for me. *laughs*


Anonymous said...

I definitely enjoy beading but don't do it too much. Other things eat up my time right now. It will be there waiting for me when my life is in a place for it. I'll bet pastry school is a neat experience. I've considered taking some cooking classes. Maybe I'll do that before too much longer.