Wednesday Questionaire 001

***NOTE: Just highlight, copy and paste the questions into the comment box and answer away. Be candid. Be creative. I don't care! Only requirement is to HAVE FUN!!!

  1. ... you were given a post-it note, what would you scribble on it?
  2. ... you were given $1,000 right now, what would buy?
  3. ... your ex-significant other called you up today, what would you say to him/her?
  4. ... you had the day off, where would you go?
  5. ... you found the perfect outfit for less than $20 and somebody else was eyeing the same outfit, would you fight for it?
  6. ... you found out you were three (3) months pregnant, what do you think your initial reaction would be?
  7. ... you were the deciding factor of who would be president, who would you elect and why?
  8. ... you were asked to volunteer at any non-profit organization, where would you volunteer?
  9. ... you were stranded on an island, what would be the first thing you accomplish?
  10. ... you were given the oppurtunity lonely and rich or poor and happy, which would you pick?