Weekend Movie Review

Like every other weekend, I peruse through my Compact On Demand to view a new movie in the comfort of my own home.

I've read great reviews on "Dan In Real Life". My opinion of the movie is favorable. Like a lot of Steve Carell's characters, he is mild mannered and his intentions are always good. Unlike his "40 Year Old Virgin" character, Dan has actually has had sex. Matter of fact, he has 3 very emotional daughters. I enjoyed the movie. I recommend it to all the people that like romantic comedies, Steve Carell and forbidden love.

Coincidentally, Emily Blunt has a part in the movie. If you watched "The Jane Austen Book Club", you would have noticed that Ms. Blunt played Purdie. I have become a fan of Ms. Blunt's. I have admired her performances since "The Devil Wears Prada".

"I Like It Like That" (1994)

Now this is a throwback movie.

I first saw this movie at the tender age of 15. I do not recommend any parents to view this while their children are awake or in the same room. Lets just say it started off really "strong".

If you like the more intense, confusing, inner workings of young romance, well then this is the movie for you. I thought this movie was written and directed by Spike Lee because it was satirical and emerced in the urban community. One main Spike Lee ingredient was lacking... A message. I investigated the movie and found out it was written and directed by Darnell Martin.

Mr. Martin now writes for Law & Order. Very impressive.