Rather Be At The Pool...

Man I really wish I had a pool. Have you ever heard of a pacific islander that would rather go to the pool than the beach!?

Well you have just met one. I would rather splash around the pool and live on the beach.

The image is of me and my sister at Shipwreck Island Waterpark here on Panama City Beach.

That was the FIRST time I have actually been in a bathing suit on the beach this year. At a freakin' waterpark. I am so suburbanized. *stands up* AND PROUD OF IT!

Every time I have went to the beach, something bad has happened. May it be minor to the time a school of stingrays circled around us. Yeah, I lost my cool. I was terrified! So I only go when people bully me into it, which isn't often or easy. Ask Suzie. *laughs*

Now my body is yearning for a large body of water. *sighs* I really wish I had a pool right now. I would purchase a $50+ pool at Target but my doggies will distro it in 30 seconds flat. What a dilemma!


Kadbeesh said...

Actually I myself would also prefer to be at the pool instead of the beach. And no, before you ask, it's not because of your several traumas at the beach. I just don't like not being able to see what's around me. It's bad enough that happens normally but if I can prevent it goddammit I will. LOL. Love you!!!