To Beat or Not to Beat

After working for Mister Man, a family law attorney, I have come to the conclusion that people in general are extremely selfish. I will not elaborate other than saying this:

If you are a parent and you are in a physically abusive relationship, don't use the age old excuse of "I stay for the children". That in my opinion is pure bullsh*t! Just admit that you are either too insecure, ignorant and/or do not want to leave. But please do NOT use the children. From personal experience I know that it will NOT benefit the children. I can safely say that a child will rather be fatherless than live in an unhealthy enviroment. Millions of children are raised in a one-parent home and strive. There is help out there for you, you just need to want it.

Give Me Liver or Peanuts!

My sister Liz, of Lazy Bone Creations, informed me back in April that she was contributing to Out of the Box Sampler. Being the curious person that I am, I checked out the site and I ordered the May box. A couple of weeks back, I got my box. It was like freakin' Christmas in May. I will be getting another box. I just have to wait until June auuuugh!

Anyhoo! In the box, I received some doggie fortune cookies from Buckaroo Bones on If you know anything about me, I love my furbebes and am thrilled when somebody gets me hip to something good for 'em. Well anyways, when I opened the bag I instantly wanted to eat one. They smelled so good. My bebes LOVE them. They pretty much went ape sh*t over them. If y'all are obsessed w/ your dogs & want to give them something healthy then you should check out Buckaroo Bones on

Damn! How many people did I plug in this post? You'd think they were paying me. LOL

FYI: I did NOT eat any.

Tim Burton Went Down The Rabbit Hole

When I saw Natalya Sots's tea cups & pots I thought of Tim Burton meets Alice in Wonderland... It just so happens that this set is called "Mad Hatter"

This one is pretty cool too:

I must have expensive taste because MOST of the stuff I want is usually anywhere from $50 to $200.

Hang Me Up!

I saw these and I instantly wanted to be "Unmasked". I would mind having these hung up around me. Even at the office. But I doubt CLMIII would find this "artistic".

This one reminded me of my sister Krys

"Alter Ego"

"Under the Apple Tree"

This one reminded me of "Where the Wild Things Are"

Strawberry Tequila Kisses

Even though Mother's Day is NEXT Sunday,
I made my beautiful Nohno some yellow cupcakes w/ strawberry frosting. I am going to make her some red ones next time.

Nohno Loves Cupcakes, Too
(Nohno posing for me - LOL)

Krys & I have treated our Nohno w/ the cupcakes, a pedicure and her first eyebrow waxing as an early Mother's Day presents considering we will be in Gainesville visiting w/ our Nohno Mado for Mother's Day. Ever since Nohno Mado has been in the hospital we have been trying to go visit her every other weekend.

Hopefully we can take her out to Crackel Barrel (Nohno loves their buttermilk pancakes) for Mother's Day breakfast. We'll see what SHE wants to do. It is her day after all. LOL

A special Happy Mother's Day to my auntie Linda and my sister Sunshine. Two ladies I have NEVER said "Happy Mother's Day" to. :o) Hope to meet their bundles of joy soon!

Oh yeah! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!! AllRecipes.Com put together some fun looking recipes on their website... Just to think I was just looking for some summer type recipes.
Some Tequila