My name is Judy ....
I am a vegan/organic soap addict.
I have been scowering the internet for organic soaps
That will keep my body fresh, scented and natural.

I have researched so many websites and came across Oracle Oraganics vegan soaps. They have left my body moisturized, soft as a baby's behind and smelling so pleasant. I do not have to put lotion on except for the obvious feet, knees and elbows.

I bought the "Soap Sampler" which included the Clarify, Purify, Renew, and Simplify bars. They even threw in the Enliven bar as a gift. I recommend them ALL.

Act now because Oracle Organics is having a summer sale and everything is up to 40% off. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE SAVINGS!!!

I ordered the "Sample Soaps Gift Set" from Kopah after I saw that they sponsored the Creature Comforts blog. I absolutely adore EVERYTHING they post on their blog so I HAD to check these soaps out.

I was notified by Ms. Sheldon that my order will be shipped tomorrow. I should have them either by Saturday or Monday. I can hardly wait. I will give an update after I have used atleast 2 of the 5 bars that come in the sampler.

* Just a heads up. Free shipping for soap purchase of $15 or more!