To Beat or Not to Beat

After working for Mister Man, a family law attorney, I have come to the conclusion that people in general are extremely selfish. I will not elaborate other than saying this:

If you are a parent and you are in a physically abusive relationship, don't use the age old excuse of "I stay for the children". That in my opinion is pure bullsh*t! Just admit that you are either too insecure, ignorant and/or do not want to leave. But please do NOT use the children. From personal experience I know that it will NOT benefit the children. I can safely say that a child will rather be fatherless than live in an unhealthy enviroment. Millions of children are raised in a one-parent home and strive. There is help out there for you, you just need to want it.


Kris said...

What if they're too afraid to leave, because if an escape is unsuccessful the husband will really kill them. I would want to leave for me and for my children, but I know I'd also be scared of the repercussions if my escape with the children doesn't go well. I'd like to hope I have enough strength to do what's right for my children, but I know I'd be shit scared as well.