Give Me Liver or Peanuts!

My sister Liz, of Lazy Bone Creations, informed me back in April that she was contributing to Out of the Box Sampler. Being the curious person that I am, I checked out the site and I ordered the May box. A couple of weeks back, I got my box. It was like freakin' Christmas in May. I will be getting another box. I just have to wait until June auuuugh!

Anyhoo! In the box, I received some doggie fortune cookies from Buckaroo Bones on If you know anything about me, I love my furbebes and am thrilled when somebody gets me hip to something good for 'em. Well anyways, when I opened the bag I instantly wanted to eat one. They smelled so good. My bebes LOVE them. They pretty much went ape sh*t over them. If y'all are obsessed w/ your dogs & want to give them something healthy then you should check out Buckaroo Bones on

Damn! How many people did I plug in this post? You'd think they were paying me. LOL

FYI: I did NOT eat any.


Elizabeth said...

MMMM Cookies! (drool)