The Island Broad's 50 Fave Tv Shows

This fantastically lengthy list is for my six (6) fabulous partners for the "50 Fave Tv Shows" swap from Please be advised that I watch these television shows either religiously or whenever I see them on. We aren't even going to mention the ones that I USED TO watch. {laughs} Shall I begin!?!?

1. Supernatural
2. House
3. CSI
4. Charmed
5. Myth Busters
6. Big Love
7. True Blood
8. Sex and the City
9. Gilmore Girls
10. The Game
11. Jeopardy!
12. Jon and Kate plus 8
13. 17 Kids and Counting
14. 30 Minute Meals
15. Iron Chef America
16. $40 a Day
17. Everyday Italian
18. Feasting on Asphalt/Waves
19. Barefoot Contessa
20. One Tree Hill
21. What Not to Wear
22. Dirty Jobs
23. Nip/Tuck
24. Law & Order
25. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
26. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
27. NCIS
28. Friends
29. That 70's Show
30. Avatar {Yes, I still watch cartoons. And?}
31. Jimmy Neutron; Boy Genius
32. Danny Phantom
33. King of the Hill
34. Without a Trace
35. Cold Case
36. Ace of Cakes
37. Fringe
38. The Mentalist
39. The Real World {not so much now but I used to watch it religiously}
40. America's Next Top Model
41. Burn Notice
42. Psyche
43. Monk
44. Ugly Betty
45. Entourage
46. The Simpsons
47. Are You Being Served?
48. Keeping Up Apperances
49. Masterpiece Classic {Whatever is playing is awesome. This month it is Sense & Sensibility}
50. Bones

In all honesty, I did not think that I would be able to finish the list considering it had to consist of 50 of my favorite television shows. I have come to the conclusion that I watch TOO MUCH television and will be taking the steps to cut back on a lot unproductive time. I calculated how much time I am devoting to television and I realized I wasn't breathing {LOL} Its funny now but later on in life I will start analyzing my life, per my usual, and I will realize I could have been doing something productive.

I am on my way to a more productive {lesser television} lifestyle.