Happy Friday the 13th & Valentine's Day

From Marci my "Be My Valentine" swap partner. We were supposed to put together a package w/ the Valentine theme. Mine was FULL of goodies. From pedicure/manicure things to edible snacks. I even got two rubber stamps. Love them! What I REALLY like is the anklet that has a CUTE little hibiscus on it. Marci was so in tune w/ what I liked that I damn near cried... Hey I said DAMN NEAR... I DIDN'T! Well maybe I teared up... {laughs}

I only enter "parcel" swaps during holidays or a special event to spread the cheer. Besides whole point of swap-bot is to swap CRAFTS not receive presents. So far my experience has been quite interesting and entertaining although I have had the misfortune of being "flaked" on a couple of times. I swear... One bad apple...{shrugs}

What I really find amazing is to see others interpretations of these swaps. Speaking of which... I have to finish these ATCs for this "7 Deadly Sins" swap. Very curious as to what my partner is coming up with.

My baby sister Krys and I decided we wanted to make Valentine's Day cupcakes for the family, work and Ms. Ebony & her family. I did the frosting and Krys did the rest. I think she did an AWESOME job even though she was falling asleep. We're just trying to spread the love.

*** Note to self, start around 6pm NOT around 9pm.


Lazy Bone said...

mmmm cake!

Sacred Yoli said...

I admit it, I too, am addicted to the "Bot"

Great package, you really scored. Your cupcakes look AMAZING!

Happy Valentine's Dia!


Kris said...

Your package and cupcakes look lovely!