Dating Experience: 001 in 2009

How am I supposed to enjoy your company when it is clear that you don't even enjoy it yourself? I tried to lighten the mood by being casual and somewhat entertaining as not to have you cowar deeper into your own personal cave. I instantly noticed that that didin't work. I switch my game plan and asked you some of the prerequisit questions such as "Have you ever been to this restuarant?" or I even through out there "What do you like about your job?" I had the feeling that my generic questions were a bit personal for you so I decided to take the lead and tell you a bit about myself...

Then I must have hit a nerve because after I told you I was married before your nose wrinkled and your eyes turned to slits. I tried really hard not to get offended. I even took 3 deep breaths and allowed you to ask me all the questions that usually follow that statement. What I didn't anticipate was "What did you do to him?". Again I found myself getting defensive. Friends and family alike would tell you that I am not a very patient woman and that I am EASILY provoked. I did not take the bait. Instead, I said w/ great restraint that "We weren't right for each other. I needed a husband & he needed a part time wife." Then I hear what I can only explain as a snort errupt from your face and you continue to glare at me. I all of a sudden felt a calm overcome me then it felt like everyhthing I did was automatic. Ordering my food. Eating my food. Wiping my mouth and replacing my napkin on my lap. I did not even comment when there was a pregnant pause between my answers and your intrusive questions.

When we made it back to our cars, you looked at me in a very suspicious way. You even lightly touched my hand and arm that sent chills of dread up and down my arms. You leaned in and I could smell the garlic on your breathe. It must have been the facial expression I had on that made you stop. As I said before, everything seem to be on automatic because I could have sworn I heard myself say in a very calm and hushed voice, "After ALL that, you want a KISS? FROM ME? You've got to be kidding." It must have taken you a moment to register what I said because your mouth dropped open and I heard you inhale from what felt like a whole minute. That is when my ears started ringing.

Needless to say, you called me some chose words which I took pride in especially since it caused people passing by to either snicker or gauke at you. Like my friend said "The only people that make scenes are the trashy ones."

Just to think, I kind of liked you and was anticipating a very pleasant evening w/ you. Thank you for showing your true colors instead of having me weed out the bullshit from the genuine you 3 months later.


Kris said...

Ugh, well needless to say, that was a horrible date! I understand that maybe he's been burned before, but I always thought one of the main dating rules was to not bring baggage from previous relationships to a new one, or at least don't bother dating again yet if you're not totally ready to let go of anger etc.
It's guys like this guy you mentioned that scare me from pursuing guys and dating. Their judgments before even getting to know me.
You'll find someone better!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

wanted to say thanks for the love on my blog have a great weekend

Lazy Bone said...

OMG! What a bastard!