I spend most of my day trying to make people's lives more comfortable and/or manageable through their transition into another lifestyle. I am a legal assisant to an attorney whose areas of expertise are in personal injury, criminial law and family law. Family law is what brings in the overhead. When I say family law, I mean divorces, child custody, child support and all the modifications that come with that. I can honestly say that what we do here makes a difference. But what we cannot offer are miracles. Even though the attorney makes it look like they are his special miracles for his clients.

I sometimes wish that people would walk in our shoes for a brief moment and understand that even though we might seem a bit "nonchalant" but we always care. People tend to feed off others energy so we keep calm, level headed and we keep our eyes on the ultimate picture... To get you what you deserve. Mind you, not what you think you deserve. What you might think is fair may not be what the judge orders or what is legal.

With all that being said, I want everyone that happens to come across my blog post to know that even though we may not shed tears for you, please know that when we go home at night we are thinking and sometimes worried for you. We are not robots. We just keep that strong armor on so you can make it to the end with us. ♥