Halloween is finally here! I have been waiting for this "holiday" since my birthday, which was back in July. Not because of the candy. I am very picky when it comes to candy. It either has to be milk chocolate or chew candies. I usually don't venture out because I've been burnt, literally, by candy. LOL It isn't obviously about the candy. It is about the creative minds of children. They have this idea of what they want to be and the parents have to execute it. I like the ones that will endure the face painting and elaborate costumes. They put it off so well. Nowadays, you see 10 year old wearing sexy kitten costumes... Um no! Not proper!

Not a lot of kids come out to my neighborhood anymore. They all go w/ their friends and family to the local churches. *sighs* I miss them coming around. I bet we'll only have give or take 20 kids come out. That's good because we only made 20 treat bags... Speaking of which.

Mi mami & I put together little treat bags for the lil goblins. (Note to self: Take pics of treat bags) They are so cute. They have a singular black cat w/ a witch's hate. My mom asked me why I am doing this and I told her "So the little kids can have Christmas on Halloween". Yet another holiday I am so looking forward to.

I have been so creatively inspired these last few months that it is kind of scaring me. LOL The more I do creatively, the more I feel better about the person I am becoming.


Jane said...

Hmmmm 5 children = having to be creative x 5 every year = soooo NOT easy!!!! ;) one year my Son went as the worlds largest booger!!! Yes - I get desperate ;)