She Brings Out the Best In Me

My sound board. My articulate super star.
The true embodiment of talent.
She is pure will power.
Her verbal assault is cause you to lose sleep for a lifetime.
She goes by the "holly" name of Kadisha.

My frustration. My late bloomer.
Her proscratination is like no other.
She'd rather be catered yet but so independant.
She is the family chameleon.
Will say what you need to her to. She will not lie. But she will fib. {laughs}
She goes by the common yet uniquely spelt name... Krystyna

My ear. My cheerleader.
Influences me to see the good in everything.
Natural flare for fashion and style.
She passes on her optimism & motivates me
She keeps me sane.
Oh Suzanna, I won't let you cry for me.

My emotional twin. My aspiration.
The apitomy of grace, class and humility.
Baring the illness and fatigue yet the true empathizer.
Ever evolving. Ever so fashionable. My Mimi.

The best for last:

My first love. My heart.
I owe her my success for the life she gave me.
I owe her my happiness for the oppurtunity at a purpose
I vow to her my successful happiness.
Sleep easy. I am.
Praise above praise. She is Momma.