Dear Mr. Coke

So today marks the day that I can start drinking carbonated beverages. Well I took my first sip of Coke this morning. I can honestly say that I did not enjoy the experience one bit. It hurt more than anything. The fizzing in my mouth and nose, on my teeth and down my throat brought tears to my eyes. I cannot see the allure of this. Just to think... I have 5 more at home... Auuugh!

Today also marks the day I will go the whole month of April FAST FOOD FREE! At the end of April, I sincerely hope that I have the same reaction to fast food that I had with the Coke. I want to stop poisoning my body. I am annoyed with myself that it has taken 3 decades to actually take the first step.


Lazy Bone said...

you can do it! I know you will hate the fastfood after a month and feel sick when you do try and each it!
You go sister girl!