ATTN: Mr. Postman, UPS Guy, & FedEx Dude!

(i want this. isn't it so cute!?)

I'm kind of upset right now. I have started Christmas shopping... Yeah I start early... Matter of fact I've already finished shopping for 2 of my sisters... But I digress! I am upset because some of the gifts that I ordered for other family members are missing. The delivery confirmation says they have been delivered to my door... LAST FRIDAY! Man, WTF kinda mess is that!? Now I have to send out some nasty emails, demand a refund, and find another place to purchase the gifts from because this company is unreliable. At this rate, I'll have my shopping done in November. So much for starting early.

*** UPDATE 04/13/10
The package was so slim that it was stuck between the screen door & the door. (smh) What a damn a**


Elizabeth said...

hopes they weren't mine presents... 8{

Judy / IslandBroad said...

Nope. Yours is safe in my closet in its own gift bag.

Anonymous said...

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