The Candy Enthusiast

I have been fallowing Sera the Candy Enthusiast for a few weeks now and I can honestly say she has changed how I consume these small morsels of goodness. Check out her site , I just love how she articulates for her taste buds. You can feel the passion she has for candy. That is what brings me back to her blog weekly.

And to make things even more interesting, she photographs the candy inside & out AND she has these cute little cartoons that she draws herself to illustrate her review.

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Now I am anticipating getting a Topic Bar :)

Give Me Cookies... Or Leave Me The Hell Alone

So over the weekend I had a craving for chili (cole)saw dogs & chocolate chip & walnut cookies. I am very happy to say that I made both. I am thoroughly satisfied!My cookies weren't near as good as Liz's but I hey this was my first try at chocolate cookies from scratch. I think I did a darn good job. Munch think I did just fine. I saw her swipe a cookie that was cooling on the rack. (laughs)

I found the cookie recipe on They have cute & edible ideas such as Pumpkin Pie Bites.

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Linda & I have both decided that we'll go all out for this holiday. We'll be bouncing ideas off of each other. I am kind of excited. I am getting my usual holiday angst though. I never know what I want to make, decorate, bake, buy... The list goes on. I hope this year will be easier.