Test Run

For the life of me I cannot find a printer in Bay County, Florida that does not require me to place a minimum order of 100 postcards per design. I only need about 25 postcards per design, which I anticipate having 5 to 6 designs. That is 125 cards. I would think they would try to work with me. I may not be approaching it correctly (shrugs) Anyhoo!

My sister Elizabeth requested 20 postcards for her "October Pink" collection and I reluctantly accepted. I only say reluctantly because I did not have a place to print them. I guess I just needed a little encouragement. Now I am kind of excited. Strike that. I AM excited. I'm thinking of a ... Well I don't want to say because I want her to be surprised. All I can say is that I have found an online company that prints postcards at a fairly reasonable price. I have sent in one of my older postcards to be printed as a test run. (crosses fingers) We'll see how it turns out. I will be sending her some and then giving the rest to Krys to sell.

Now I'm thinking beach theme, cafe theme (ode to Liz)... Halloween... Oh the possibilities! But let me slow my role because I may get too enthusiastic too soon then I will turn out to hate it and ditch it like everything else in my life.