Messed Up Sunday!

Dedicated to Liz

We had plumbing issues today. Water flooded my parents bedroom, Mom's closet & the hallway. We didn't even need Hurricane / Tropical Storm Claudette to send rain our way.

I wish I could push rewind to yesterday. I made dark chocolate fudge cupcakes. Used the FAB hula cupcake toppers Liz bought me. Nibbled on the cupcakes while I read the "Stampin' Up!" catalog Sunshine sent me! While running my fingers through my newly cut hair.

Grammy is out of the hospital and back at home. She is adjusting to her environment but I think she is glad that she is where her heart is. We plan on going down to Ocala during the next federal holiday. I believe that is in the next two weeks.

1st Stampin' Up! Catalog Thanks Sunshine!

Yeah, yesterday was significantly a better day!


Lazy Bone said...

I want to see more post cards

Sunshine said...

Let me know if/when you want to order anything. I'll give you my 20% discount.