Severe Cravings

Sushi - My Anti Drug I am having severe cravings for raw tuna & salmon.

My former physician informed me that cravings are our body's way of tellings us that we are lacking something in our diet. You'd think that I'd be cravings vegetables (LOL) Well I have decided to go to our local fish "market" and buy an insane amount of seafood. My cravings have gotten so bad that I cannot sleep at night. Granted I have a hard time going to sleep at night but these cravings are making me ravenous!

Favorite breakfast I have to also take a trip to Sam's Club because apparently they are the ONLY place in Panama City that sells lox... at a moderate price that is. I miss having a toasted poppy bagel w/ extra cream cheese & lox and w/ a bottle of ginger ale. (sighs) I miss my great grandmother Pauline. I guess I'm very nostalgic. I guess that is where my cravings are coming from. I associate a lot of my best times w/ food.

I was asked if I were pregnant. No, I am not. If I were, you'd have to call me semi-Mary because I have been on a personal sabatical for quite some time. LOL