Christmas w/ a Jewish Twist

What I know to be true:
I know the "TRUE" meaning of Christmas.
I know that Jesus was a Jew.
I know the "TRUE" meaning of Channukah.
I know how it is to be a Christian living in a Jewish home.
With that being said...
Merry Chrismakkah!

This year I would like to sample some traditional Channukkah recipes. I have found some for kugel, matzo stuffing, chicken matzo ball soup, and matzo brei. I grew up eating these dishes and I would LOVE to make some this year. I have a craving for them. I even considered going on cut out + keep to see if they still have those macaroon recipes & some Chanukkah decoration tips. I might even whip together some latkas for snacks to hold us over while we cook.

I am so excited this year because I have a distinct feeling that 2009 will be a very different and maybe a difficult year so I am trying to soak up ALL the holiday cheer.