So Unorganized

So I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and spent damn near 2 hours in there. I walked out w/ about $50 worth of arts and crafts. I had an idea but it seemed to have been 3 ideas mixed up. I realized I only left w/ bits and pieces. All that time and not ONE project could have been done.

My Crafty Chica empowerment statue came about 2 weeks ago. Well yesterday my Crafty Chica "Chica Paints" came in so now I can actually paint her. Why did I wait so long for the paint? I wanted to test out the new Crafty Chica paint that's why! But guess what? I don't have any brushes. Man WTF!?

I have a wedding reception to attend on Friday... No outfit & no present. My grandmother's birthday is Friday... No present. Jase's birthday is next Thursday... No present. CLM's birthday is a week or two after... No present.

So basically I have a WHOLE LOT OF CRAFTS, fragments of ideas, too many occassions and not enough hours in the day. I think I need an individual idea check list. POST-IT's galore! I wish I didn't procrastinate and understood that when you are trying to be crafty/artistic, you won't be perfect.