Kaylah, The Dainty Squid, is having a MungoCrafts giveaway at her blog.

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I would say I hope you win but then I would be lying... LOL

The picture is from April's etsy. It is the "Neopalitan - Hoodie". That is my favorite-est.

ATTN: Mr. Postman, UPS Guy, & FedEx Dude!

(i want this. isn't it so cute!?)

I'm kind of upset right now. I have started Christmas shopping... Yeah I start early... Matter of fact I've already finished shopping for 2 of my sisters... But I digress! I am upset because some of the gifts that I ordered for other family members are missing. The delivery confirmation says they have been delivered to my door... LAST FRIDAY! Man, WTF kinda mess is that!? Now I have to send out some nasty emails, demand a refund, and find another place to purchase the gifts from because this company is unreliable. At this rate, I'll have my shopping done in November. So much for starting early.

*** UPDATE 04/13/10
The package was so slim that it was stuck between the screen door & the door. (smh) What a damn a**

Pissin' The Day Away...

I cannot believe that I pissed away my WHOLE 3 day weekend. I did NOTHING productive... Well yeah I did get out... I went shopping, cleaned my clothes, made some (2) nylon flower, cooked, and baked some cookies (from scratch),took care of Munch because she is still sore from her surgery. And then I slept and slept.... AND SLEPT (shakes my head)

People find me odd. I got a new car & I haven't even taken it on a decent "spin"... Sometimes I wonder if I will ever have a reason again to untangle myself from my bed sheets, clean myself up, and toss myself into the world. My hula girl really wants to shake her hips...

But on a more positive note. Krys' birthday is on Thursday! Yay! ♥ We plan on going to the Shrimp Boat, sit at the bar, down some shots, grub on some sushi, and sip on some margaritas!

I’m on Patron, Tequila
I’m drunk on Margarita [on Margaritas]
That Patron, Tequila [that Patron]
Me and my mamacita (yeah! ) [me and my mamacita]
Hey girl (hey girl)
Where’s your drink?
We goin’ all get real drunk tonight (get real drunk tonight) [real drunk tonight]
Hey girl
I got bud we can all get f##d up tonight (get f##d up tonight) [yeah]
By the end of the night
Imma have you drunk and throwing up (hey! ) [throwing up]
By the end of the night [oohh]
Imma have you so f##d up! (so f##d up! )

Patron Tequila - Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon & Eve

Dear Mr. Coke

So today marks the day that I can start drinking carbonated beverages. Well I took my first sip of Coke this morning. I can honestly say that I did not enjoy the experience one bit. It hurt more than anything. The fizzing in my mouth and nose, on my teeth and down my throat brought tears to my eyes. I cannot see the allure of this. Just to think... I have 5 more at home... Auuugh!

Today also marks the day I will go the whole month of April FAST FOOD FREE! At the end of April, I sincerely hope that I have the same reaction to fast food that I had with the Coke. I want to stop poisoning my body. I am annoyed with myself that it has taken 3 decades to actually take the first step.

Get Dirty!

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3 Months In

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since October.
It could be the fact that I haven't been up to much.

For the first 2 months of the 2010,
I have been writing down all the things I would like to accomplish this year.
The whole list consisted of "Cut back on this"... "Do this not that"
So basically... I need to find my will power
I think I haven't see it since 2002.
I haven't seen my flat stomach just as long.

So I decided in the month of March,
I would go a whole month w/out any type of carbinated beverage.
If you knew how many sodas I drank...
No strike that!
How many LITERS of soda I drank a day you'd understand!
(I drank at least 4 liters a day)
But it has been 28 days soda free & I have survived
I bet when I do drink a soda on April 1st my teeth will be tingling.

Next month I am thinking about going a whole month without fast food.
I think I can do it!
Not only am I getting stronger mentally,
I have lost 7 lbs in the process.

Well I did do something.
I bought a soul